Dog Photography PART 1 - TECHNIQUE
by Claudio Piccoli

TECHNIQUE course on Dog Photography divided in 12 episodes
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Claudio Piccoli

A 49-year old, dog photographer form Italy, Claudio bears the title of Master Photographer “Dogs in Action” in the Nikon School, and is a Nikon Italy Ambassador. He lives with four border collies!
Claudio conducts photography workshops all over the world. He has held more than 60 workshops in many different countries including Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, SWEDEN, Finland, Canada, Israel, SPAIN, United Kingdom and more. He also offers private coaching and mentoring for professional photographers.
Claudio was a speaker in the largest photography conference in the world in 2018. Claudio is the winner of several awards from the largest international photography competitions like SIPA contest, OASIS contest, American Photography, IPA, and more. Claudio had many publications all around the worlds in the best and famous magazines and newspapers.
"I want the people that attend my workshops to understand how much HUGE is the world behind the dog photography, especially in action and how much is rewarding about the life and the own job.
Every photo is a different story and I always put all the energies in the shooting and in editing to make that dog as the best dog ever. I want all the people that will watch the picture, to admire how much the dog is amazing"
Claudio Piccoli - Autore del Corso